Our dedicated team of experts specialize in valuations for all key asset types covering: office, retail, mixed-use, residential, hospitality, education, health care, entertainment, industrial, storage facility, warehouse, plant machinery & equipment, heavy and light vehicles to ensure that we have extensive knowledge of all the major industries/sectors.

We Specialize in Valuation

Cars & assets For the following Parties


Companies that want to evaluate their assets; will help you know the real value of your assets and take into account its unique features and the market conditions before providing you with the most accurate valuation


To evaluate its assets and properties; such as, used or new cars or their other assets.

Governmental organizations

Help you evaluate their assets before selling or for the financial record.

Insurance Companies

Will give you a guide price, based on analysis of the richest sources of assets data in the UAE.


For example, you can evaluate your car before selling or evaluate a car you want to buy, so you can use the valuation for your reference and ensure you are buying within the market price.

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