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Becoming a leading international provider of diversified comprehensive, evaluation, and inspection solutions with the purpose of superiorly servicing our customers in the UAE, while conducting ourselves and our business in consistency with Al Moqayem system.

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You can place your order in-person through the phone or online and we will be more than happy to inspect and evaluate your assets, and help you get the fairest value in the market.


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to determine with you the ideal place and time to conduct the evaluation process.


We will come to your location on time to inspect and evaluate your assets

We help banks, companies, governmental bodies, insurance companies, and individuals to know the value of the asset either when selling or buying.


We help you obtain the evaluation certificate Through your Email Address:

After completing the evaluation process, you will be provided with an approved evaluation certificate with all government agencies in the United Arab Emirates, which you can use legally to prove the value of your property.

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